Friday, April 11, 2014

To someone, you are a Rock Star!!

That is what I told my 4th graders today and here is the story...

While I was at the conference, I went to the elementary division luncheon. 

I was sitting at the table with, in my opinion, the holy trinity of techno-art-teachers, Trisha Fuglestad (The iPad Queen), Theresa McGee (Tech/Artsonia Queen) and Donna Staten (Pintrest Queen) among others who's skills I am in awe of and I felt privileged just to share their table. Anyway...a lady came up to my table and said:

"Hi Tina, my name is Brooke and I was in your session last year in Texas. I was so impressed that you walked in with just an iPad for your presentation that I made it my profession goal for the year to be able to do that." 

I looked around the table and back at her..."Are you talking to me??" I thought. Then I said "I was your professional technology goal?? Really?? That's AWSOME!!" 

(BTW Brooke-my friend Susie was in your presentation and she said you did an amazing job!!)

So...just remember to focus on the positive and not get bogged down in what you can't do or what you didn't finish, because to someone, you are a rockstar and you may not even know it!!

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