Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Assessment is Elementary!!

So while at NAEA, I taught my very first hands-on, ticketed event at a conference called "Assessment is Elementary". Participants were engaged in an unconventional self portrait lesson which they created, inspired by Pop Artist Andy Warhol. I modeled and reviewed some of the assessment methods I use in my classroom to help others find their own flavor of art assessment. 

 I here are some of the amazing (yes-that is the word of the month) piece they created. When it comes to assessment, a finished piece of art work is the ultimate in Post-Assessment!!! Follow it up with a student checklist for craftsmanship and a chance to write about what they have learned and you have Create, Perform, and Respond!! 

I like to have everyone cut them out and display them in a grid just like Warhol's 100 Soup Cans!! Love it! 

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