Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Please take my point!

One of my sweet classroom teachers gave me a bunch of regular #2 pencils because I was almost out of pencils. I appreciate the gift, because hey-free is free- but I have been spending half my life these last three weeks sharpening and trading in pencils during class.

 This is the greatest elementary pencil ever made. The Ticonderoga Oversized Beginners #2 pencil.  It is fat, has no eraser and you only need to sharpen every two weeks or so. The point stays a long time and encourages light lines but still provides good detail. Kids can drop them and they do break. They are NEVER stolen, as a matter of fact, if kids find these outside the art room, they bring them back to me!! No one complains about the eraser because there wasn't one to begin with!! They last forever…four boxes can last me all year if they don't roll under something or get packed in with another supply on accident.

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  1. Sorry- I left out the NOT- They do NOT break! At least not without a lot of effort. ;)