Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hail to the Chief's (Americana-2nd Grade)

As part of our unit on Americana to kick off the school year, the second graders tackled profile portraits. To connect to the concepts, we looked at portraits of American Presidents found on our currency. We looked at several Presidential Candidate posters as well before the second graders set out to create a Presidential campaign portrait of their own. We also looked a what characteristics a good leader should have and after reading John, Paul, George and Ben  by Lane Smith, the students made a list. Then they chose five things from the list that they though described them. (honesty, independence, boldness, bravery, outspokenness, cleverness, strength, loyalty and so on) After drawing and painting our profiles, complete with patriotic backgrounds, students returned to the list they had made and wrote the Top 5 Reasons America Needs Me in the White House in 2044. The persuasive writings were attached and the whole thing was displayed at the movie theater in October! You can see more on our Artsonia page. 

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