Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's get Radial!

Ok-Radial Weaving, what can I say that hasn't already been said? It is in the curriculum for 2nd quarter so I teach it but paper plate weavings get old after a few dozen years…ugh…what's and art teacher to do?

I decided to make it a review by comparing three different kinds of balance, line symmetry (regular same-on-both-sides symmetry), asymmetry and introducing radial symmetry! Scaffolding-woowhoo!

This is the first slide on the PowerPoint and at the end there is a visual quiz that the students look at images and determine what kind of balance was used. It worked great! 
Afterwards we looked at several different types of looms used around the world and examples of woven materials. We read the Spider Weaver, Legend of the Kente Cloth by Margaret Mustgrove. and create our paper plate weavings.

But wait…there's more!!

Then we embellished them with paper to continue the radial designs. I was amazed how different the paper made them look. I could easily see who understood the concept and who was still struggling to assimilate the new data. Paper and tape can make such a difference!

These are slated to go up at the movie theater for the 3rd Grade Art Show in December. 

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