Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Inferring Meaning through Art

A big topic in most of the language arts classrooms these days is the ability to infer meaning. Our school's new reading textbook adoption is as much focused on inferring meaning and drawing conclusions as it is to the mechanics of reading and remembering. So I started paying with my iPad. First, know that this is not approved because you can see faces, and second, that these are the faces of my own, personal children, so...I approved of them being published.

App #1- Superimpose (Free) and Fuglestad approved
This is a great app that allows you to combine two images in a really cool way! So I took a surprised picture of my son, and "The Scream" and Tah-dah! Boy screaming. I asked him, "What really makes you want to scream?" I took his saved Superimposed image and imported it into App#2 Comic Touch Lite (free). This app lets you make any image into comic-caption. You have several types of bubbles to choose from and then just type and move the bubble. Each app saves the images as a jpeg. I repeated the process with my 4 year old daughter. Hilarious! It really took my mind off the fact that I was sitting on the couch, on the last sunny-swim-day of the summer between two kids with ear infections. Can you infer meaning into my choice of masterworks? Hmmmm......

Take a photo- Superimpose it and save. Import the photo into Comic Touch and Infer!
 I like the idea of doing this with students because they literally have to put themselves in the picture and create meaning. Below is one of Mrs. Fuglestad's art appreciation iPad lessons with a "Comic Touch". This one is Artsonia approved! Now I just have to commandeer enough iPads to try this in my art classroom....

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