Monday, September 28, 2015

Sketchbook Club Kick-off...Day one of our Sketchbook design.

I tried something new and different for my second year of 3rd and 4th grade Sketchbook Club. We used some recycle cardboard circles to create designs for the front and back covers on canvas board. Then we painted the Sharpie designs with tempera. The boards will be cut on the paper cutter and used for the front and back covers of the wire bound sketchbooks. They look so cool I just had to share a few. We will finish painting them next week and then attach them to the sketchbooks with glue and some very fancy tape. The kids LOVED this simple overlapping method and it was so fun to create! I will post more on the contraction as we finish them! There are some specks below.
 Here are some specks for you...The canvas boards are 9x12 (pack of five is about $8 at Micheals). They will fit a 5 1/2 x 9 inch sketchbook. I cut them on the paper cutter. (I know I will look like one of those people from the skittles commercial with one giant arm, but it is worth it!) The paint is premium Blick Tempera Paint. I will probably toss a clear coat on them to seal them when they are finished. Day one! Pretty Awesome!

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