Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rock-it Baby with that leftover table paper!!

So every year I cover my color-coded tables with the corresponding paper color. It is incredible how challenging it is for my very smallest students to remember what color table they sit at when all the tables are brown! But after a week or two, the paper gets kinda nasty so I usually just roll it up and toss it in recycle.  But not this year....Here is the before picture!

And this is what my tables looked like after everyone had been through the art room for the first day of art!
The second graders are adding some "circle painting" inspired backgrounds to these six rocket ships. Our theme is "Soar to Success" so rockets are the big thing. The fourth graders came in and detailed the rockets and now they are hanging all over the school! This is the fastest I have every managed to get student work up! They're so awesome and I heard not less then three times that it was "The best art class ever!" I Rocked-it, (haha)and suddenly I hear Def Leopard in my head, don't you...Rocket, yeah, Satellite of love! Rock-it Baby! Come on!!

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