Monday, July 20, 2015


It is amazing that it has been almost 18 months from my last post, but when my dad passed one year ago January, it was just everything I could do to keep my world spinning. Some things just fell to the back burner and I guess blogging was one of those things. Scrapbooking too...geez..I just finished getting 2012 in the books. So now I am picking up where I left off and gearing up for a fabulous new year.
So, what made me dust off my keyboard and get back to blogging? The 2015 Tennessee Arts Academy!! What an exhausting and inspirational week!! I learned so much from the amazing Laura Lohmann and Jim McNeill who taught our elementary studio classes.

There was a message thrumming through the conference which surfaced with each speaker and performer that repeated, "Use it or loose it, use it or loose it." I hear you universe via the TAA. I will make some art today (other than a teaching sample), I will use my imagination for me just because I can. I need to push myself past the "4th grade" style of drawing that I employ at work. I saw this idea that Laurie Gatlin was working on in the secondary classes and LOVED it!! It's a doodle calendar! Great right? And the best part is that if you miss a day, you just do a double the next day. I think it's worth a try!!

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