Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Toot your own being thankful.

When you learn something amazing, do you want to share it? I know I do!! I am an expert at asking for things (just ask my husband) and I am a little spoiled, I will admit it. But, I think it is because I still do what my college weaving professor/advisor (THX Dr. Shoemaker!!) told me to do...I toot my own horn!! WOOO WOOOO, Thank Yoooou!! You should too...
I let people know what I am up to professionally and how it is impacting my students for the better. I made this flyer and sent it to my principal, assistant principal and PTO presidents when I returned from NAEA this year because it took all of them cooperating for me to attend! I wanted to thank them, I wanted them to know how much I appreciate them and how much their support means to me and our students.

The more appreciative you are for what you have and the harder you work to get what you need, the more people want to help you out! I know art teachers who sponsor games at school carnivals to pay for their entire year's supplies, they ask local business owners and doctor's offices to offer specials in return for art supplies, hold bake sales or sponsor vending machines just to get what their students need to really experience art. You are amazing and you work hard so...Tell somebody!! Even if you are not lucky enough to have someone pitch in some $$ to send you to a workshop or conference, you should still let your school stakeholders know what you are up to and what you have never know when some money will turn up with your name on it! ;)

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