Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wanted: An Amazing Art Show

Last year, my third grade team asked me if I could help with a project (PBL) they do in the spring. I have a huge curriculum the third grade scope and sequence is one of the longest that I teach so I could not import the project into the art room, which was their first choice. I started thinking about ways I could help without being in their classrooms. First, I made a video on poster making and using guidelines.  Then I decide to include some of these skills in our self portrait unit. 



The students created Wanted Posters based on character studies they were doing in their classroom. We expand the learning by looking at Fredric Remington's depiction of the Old West. The independent, adventurous, brave, honest spirit of the Western pioneers, Native People  and soldiers that he illustrated inspired many to travel into the American West.

First students created an identity web in their idea books ( Then they were asked to choose a positive character trait to be "Wanted" for as well as an Old West style name that was positive and personal. Some went so far as to make the name match the trait in context. Using rulers guidelines were drawn in and letters were printed and centered. (Math! Divide to find the center point!) Students reviewed facial proportions and learned how to draw hats onto their portraits. Finally the paper was trimmed to make it look ragged and stained with liquid watercolor to give it the illusion of age.

Then the posters were laminated and hung at the Regal Cinema 16 in Green Hills for the month of October! We opened the show with a reception for artists and families with popcorn and lemonade. We had a wild time celebrating these outrageous characters!!